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329 N. Lee St.

Salisbury, NC. 28144



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Florida   State   University   Graduate    Students    Partner

with    North    Carolina’s    Lee    Street    Theatre


A group of early career professional arts leaders has agreed as part of a pro bono clinic out of Florida State University, to partner with Lee Street Theatre in Salisbury, North Carolina. The clinic is part of a service-learning application of skills developed through coursework in marketing and audience developed, guided by professor Anthony Rhine. The goal of this consultancy is to provide the Theatre board and executive team with long-term marketing plans based on an evaluation of the company’s current efforts and status in the current marketplace, designed to lead to sustained growth.


Lee Street theatre operates successfully with a small staff, consisting of one full-time and three part-time employees. Despite their success, theatre Artistic Director Craig Kolkebeck has noted that this consultancy is perfectly timed to give the theatre a boost to the next level and beyond. The team, which consists of Rhine and 12 graduate students, began working with Lee Street Theatre in February. Throughout April, team members will be conducting research with Salisbury community members, including surveys and focus groups. Community members interested in providing their thoughts can complete a survey by clicking below: