Auditions at Lee Street

Blood Done Sign My Name

by Mike Wiley
Directed by Craig Kolkebeck

March 3rd and 4th from 7pm to 9pm

The Setting: Oxford, North Carolina, 1970
Themes: Racism, religion, freedom, hope, dissent, peer pressure

Characters – Multiple roles will be utilized (race listed for clarity)

Older Tim, Billy, Bailiff  – (White Male 40s)
Boyhood Tim – (White Male 10 – 12 yr old)
Robert Teel, State Trooper – (White Male 50s)
Eddie McCoy, James Ferguson – (Black Male Late 20s)
Martha Tyson, Judy Teel – (White Female 30s)
Boyhood Gerald Teel, Vern Tyson – (White Male 10 – 12 yr)
Vernon Tyson – (White Male 30s)
Francis Taltton, Gloria, Margaret – (White Female 50s)
Thad, C.R. Wells, Fred – (White Male 50s)
Rosanna Allen, Caroline Thorpe – (Black Female 20’s)
Boo Chavis, Ben Chavis, Lonnie Fields – (Black Male 20s)
Dickie, Golden Frinks, Gamblin Man – (Black Male 40s)
Fannie, Patty, Eveline Downey – (Black Female 50s)
Hugh Currin, Watkins – (White Male 40s or 50s)

Shiloh Rules

by Doris Baizley
Directed by David Pulliam

April 22 & 23 from 7pm to 9pm

A dedicated Union nurse and a mysterious Confederate refugee meet on the Shiloh battlefield to compete for the title of Best Female Reenactor of the Year. With their young trainees trying to out-do each other in “authenticity,” and a concessionaire egging both sides on, their competition leads them into real conflict with Ranger Wilson, an African-American female park ranger who would rather be anywhere than the year 1862, imaginary or not. As the re-enactment rages out of control, all six women discover that some conflicts of the Civil War weren’t left behind in 1862.

Details: You do not need a monologue, we will be reading from the script. If you have questions contact David Pulliam (Director) at or Kathy Pulliam (Stage Manager) at

Roles: (Listed ages are character age ranges; actor age may vary)

The Northern Nurses:
Clara May Abbott– Female, 40-70
Clara has the will and determination to fight for a worthy cause and is ready to support the men
in the field. As a union nurse Civil War reenactor she won the title of “Angel of Antietam” due to
her relentless quest for authenticity. She is determined to win the title of best reenactor at
Shiloh, defeating her rival Mrs. Pettison.
Meg Barton‐ Female, 18-30
Meg Barton is a struggling nursing student hoping to get extra credit by participating in the
Shiloh reenactment. While not fully committed to reenactment she is willing to learn from Mrs.
Abbott. When the time comes to tend real wounds she pulls it together to help someone in
need. Meg keeps slipping into modern comments that at times are reminiscent of the witty
remarks from television’s “The Gilmore Girls”.

The Southern Refugees:
Cecilia Delaunay Pettison – Female, 40-60
She is a character that almost doesn’t seem real; from her perfect posture to her perfect
southern lady composure Mrs. Pettison is a dedicated reenactor or perhaps a true ghost of the
Civil War living the battle of Shiloh one more time. She seems to live in the past and she never
drops character.
Lucygayle Scruggs – Female, 18-30
LucyGale Scruggs is full of spunk and eager to get into the fighting. A newcomer to the
reenactment scene she is mentored by the mysterious Mrs. Pettison. She is itching for the
action that only men get to see. She is not happy that women are banned from the fighting at
the Shiloh reenactment. There is honesty and hope in Lucygayle.

The Moderns
Ranger Wilson – African American Female, 20-40
Ranger Wilson is here to do her job of protecting Shiloh Military Park. In the beginning, Ranger
Wilson reminds the other women that what they are doing isn’t real. She wants the reenactment
to be over and all these crazies to leave her in peace. Ranger Wilson starts uptight and angry
about the invasion of the reenactors but after inadvertently joining the reenactment as a union
soldier she becomes grateful for the boy that “took up her side” and didn’t come home. Full of
the highs and lows that come with being a black woman at a Civil War reenactment, she is
constantly delivering reality checks to the other characters.
Widow Beckwith – Female, 30-60
Widow Beckwith is here to make a buck. A concessionaire with goods to sell she is not
interested in understanding or reconnecting with the past. With a wry sense of humor she
adroitly breaks park rules selling both real and fake historic items and modern comforts to all
comers. Her irreverent nature and nose for opportunity has her looking forward to heading west
to create a Donner Party reenactment after she is finished at Shiloh.

 Auditions for Shiloh Rules are to be held at Lee Street Theatre at 329 N Lee Street, Salisbury, NC 28144 April 22 & 23 from 7pm to 9pm. Please be prepared to read from the script. 

Performances will be June 13-16 & 20-22.

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