The    Mystery   of   Irma   Vep:   A    Penny   Dreadful

by Charles Ludlam
Directed by Craig Kolkebeck


November 4 & 5 from 7pm to 9pm


This satire takes place at Mandacrest, the English country estate of the Hillcrest family. Eminent Egyptologist Lord Edgar Hillcrest is a widower, having lost his beloved wife, Irma Vep. He recently remarried Lady Enid, a stage actress still uneasy with her new position as Lady of the manor. Her maid, Jane, doesn't think she'll ever measure up to Lady Irma. Meanwhile, Lord Edgar is disturbed by strange happenings out on the heath, including the monthly disappearance of his groundskeeper, Nicodemus. Fearing that Mandacrest is haunted by a vengeful vampire, Lord Edgar goes on an expedition to Egypt to discover immortality.


This definitive spoof of Gothic melodramas that was recently revived Off-Broadway to raves, is a quick change marathon in which two actors play all the roles. A sympathetic werewolf, a vampire, and an Egyptian princess brought to life when her tomb is opened make this a comedy that has everything. 


2 Male Actors will portray:



Auditions for The Mystery of Irma Vep are to be held at Lee Street theatre at 329 N Lee Street, Salisbury, NC 28144 November 4 & 5 from 7pm to 9pm. Please be prepared to read from the script.

Rehearsals are December 2 through January 15 with Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve, and New Years Day off. 
Performances will be January 17-19 & 24-26 at 7:30pm.


Shiloh     Rules

by Doris Baizley
Directed by David Pulliam


April 22 & 23 from 7pm to 9pm


A dedicated Union nurse and a mysterious Confederate refugee meet on the Shiloh battlefield to compete for the title of Best Female Reenactor of the Year. With their young trainees trying to out-do each other in "authenticity," and a concessionaire egging both sides on, their competition leads them into real conflict with Ranger Wilson, an African-American female park ranger who would rather be anywhere than the year 1862, imaginary or not. As the re-enactment rages out of control, all six women discover that some conflicts of the Civil War weren't left behind in 1862.

Roles Available:

Clara May Abbott- Female, 40-60

Meg Barton‐ Female, 18-30

Cecilia Delaunay Pettison - Female, 40-60

Lucygayle Scruggs - Female, 18-30

Widow Beckwith - Female, 30-60

Ranger Wilson Male, 20-40


Auditions for Shiloh Rules are to be held at Lee Street theatre at 329 N Lee Street, Salisbury, NC 28144 April 22 & 23 from 7pm to 9pm. Please be prepared to read from the script. 

Performances will be June 13-16 & 20-22.


Scrooge's     Christmas    Trolley    Tour

Adapted from Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol

October 20th & 21st from 1pm to 3pm


All of the roles of these classic characters, from Tiny Tim to Scrooge himself, are paid positions.


Scrooge's Christmas Trolley Tour is a dramatic retelling of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol with a comedic twist. Passengers will travel back in time to Christmases past with Scrooge on his journey via the trolley to view scenes from this wonderful holiday story performed at historic sites in Downtown Salisbury. Beginning November 23rd, Scrooge's Christmas Trolley Tour will run four times every Thursday and five times every Friday and Saturday with final performances December 22nd.


Scrooge's Christmas Trolley Tour offers the unique experience of a live theater performance and trolley ride in one.  Our performances begin with the trolley's arrival at the Rowan County Convention Bureau. Once the trolley has come to a complete stop and doors open, all guests are invited aboard. During the Trolley ride, passengers will ride with Scrooge and experience his past, present, and future, with each performance lasting about 45 minutes. This estimation includes stops and short scenes on and off the trolley, but time may vary if we experience traffic.


Lee Street theatre is looking for a wide range of actors, ages, and genders so don’t be shy! Come on out to Lee Street theatre and Performing Arts Center at the Tom and Martha Smith Event Center on 329 N Lee Street, Salisbury, NC 28144. Auditions are October 20th and 21st from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. You will be asked to perform some cold readings from the script. There will be a very short rehearsal process requiring mandatory participation from the entire cast. Please come prepared with a detailed list of conflicts starting from October 29th through the run of the tour, ending with our final performance on December 29th.

Roles Available:

Scrooge - A man who lost his father to creditors as a kid and has grown up heeding his father's advice to save his money.  Until he realizes how terrible he's become, he is grumpy, unsympathetic man and has no time for anyone or anything. Strong improvisational skills.

Gender: Male, Age: 45 to 65


Narrator - Leads the guests on and off the Trolleys and provides the textual links from the Dickens' tale between stops. Strong improvisational skills and charisma essential.

Gender: Male or Female, Age: 30 - 50

Younger Scrooge - A man who lost his father to creditors as a kid and is beginning to harden to his to save his money.  He is still a sympathetic man and in love with Emily.

Gender: Male, Age: 16 to 19

Mr. Cratchit - A father and husband who cares deeply for his family, particularly his youngest son. He works hard to provide for them but is mistreated by his employer, Scrooge.

Gender: Male, Age: 30 to 45

Tiny TimMr. and Mrs. Cratchit's youngest son. He is crippled and sick, but is the definition of loving Christmas spirit. He constantly reminds his family that as long as they all have each other, they will be happy.

Gender: Male, Age: 9 to 12

Ghost Of Christmas PastAn ever cheerful, sprightly ghost who comes back with the history book of Scrooge's past to show him the events that led to his current state. Actor doubles as Lamplighter.

Gender: Male/Female, Age: 25 to 55


Ghost Of Christmas PresentA jovial, larger-than-life ghost who comes back to show Scrooge all the joy, love, and celebration he his missing out on while those around him celebrate Christmas. Actor doubles as Sandwich-board Man.

Gender: Male, Age: 35 to 55


MarleyScrooge's former business partner who, before his death, was exactly like Scrooge. Comes back as a ghost in chains to warn Scrooge of how his life decisions will bind him in the afterlife.

Gender: Male, Age: 45-60


Mr. Fezziwig A portly, jolly man who used to throw a huge Christmas party every year for the community. He was Scrooge's first boss and after teaching him all he knew, he became deeply disappointed in the man Scrooge became.

Gender: Male, Age: 50 to 70

BelleScrooge’s fiancée who gets left behind because of his obsession with money. A woman ahead of her time, Belle is fiercely idealistic. There is a sadness about

her; she holds people to high standards and, predictably, ends up horribly disappointed with Scrooge.

Gender: Female

Age: 16 to 20


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