Book & Lyrics by Joe DiPietro; Music & Lyrics by David Bryan

directed by Craig Kolkebeck

music director John Stafford

Sunday, May 20 and Tuesday, May 22 at 7:00pm


MEMPHIS tells the story of a white radio DJ who wants to change the world, and a black club singer who is ready for her big break. Come along on the incredible journey to the ends of the airwaves – filled with laughter, emotion and roof-raising rock n’ roll. Winner of four Tony Awards including Best Musical!


Looking for a wide range of ages and abilities.


[HUEY]: (Caucasian, Plays 20-35) Our frenzied, bombastic, motor-mouthed hero who talks his way into becoming a DJ at a local "white" radio station, ignores race barriers and eventually falls in love with Felicia, a talented black singer, which causes a whole new set of problems for him in segregated Memphis. (Vocal range: tenor with a great feel for pop/rock/r&b styles, C3-B4)

[FELICIA]: (African-American, Plays 20-35) Beautiful, wide-eyed, and a fiercely gifted singer, follows her heart and falls in love with Huey, despite knowing deep down that a relationship between a white man and a black woman in prejudiced Memphis is doomed. (Vocal range: high R&B belt voice, G3-A5)

[DELRAY]: (African-American, Plays 35-45), Felicia’s older brother who owns the club on Beale Street where she sings, realistic, cautious, protective, and aware of the realities of the segregation that exists in Memphis and the world beyond. (Vocal range: baritenor with a great pop/rock/R&B voice, Bb2-Bb4)

[GLADYS]: (Caucasian, Plays 45-65) Excellent actor with comic skills, Huey’s stern, traditional blue-collar, southern mother who has worked her entire life to be able to support herself and her son, who she loves, but about whom she constantly worries. (Vocal range: strong singer with alto-belt mix, B3-A5)

[GATOR]: (African-American, Plays 35-45), works as a bartender at Delray’s, hasn’t spoken since age 5, when he saw his father killed, as the story progresses, he finds his voice again, must be an excellent actor and singer and move well, comic timing a plus. (Vocal Range: great R&B baritenor, F#3-A4)

[BOBBY]: (African-American, Plays 20-35) The janitor at Mr. Simmons’s radio station, full of personality and heart, role requires an actor who must dance well, as the character has a dance break in his show-stopping number “Big Love,” comic skills a plus. (Vocal range: great gospel voice, G3-C5)




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[MR. SIMMONS]: (Caucasian, Plays 40-60) The conservative owner of the radio station where Huey gets his start, a strong, southern, commanding businessman who becomes willing to take a chance on Huey when he realizes the audience Huey reaches and the money he can command. (Great actor who is comfortable singing.


[WAILIN JOE]: (African-American, Plays 20-40), Wailin’ Joe sings "Scratch My Itch" and is featured in both Act 1 and Act 2, must also dance very well; covers the principal roles of Delray and Bobby. (Vocal Range: excellent tenor voice, Eb3-Gb5)


Rehearsals begin June 3.

Performances run July 19, 2018 through July 28, 2018 at 7:30pm. 


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Steel  Magnolias

by Robert Harling
Directed by Kindra Steenerson


July 1 & 2 from 7pm to 9pm

Set in a small town in Louisiana ‐‐ in the time of really big hair ‐‐ six women gather in Truvy's beauty shop for gossip, friendship, and support. These women are true steel magnolias: southern belles who are flowery on the outside, but tough as steel inside. The play is alternately hilarious and touching as it moves from the excitement of Shelby’s wedding to sadness as friends mourn a loss. The dialogue is sharp and funny and all six roles are interesting and challenging.

Character Breakdown:
Truvy Jones– 35‐45, Owns the beauty shop. Vivacious. Dispenses advice with lots of 

Annelle Dupup‐Desoto- 18‐24, Newly hired assistant. Moves from unsure to wild to religious.

Clairee Belcher‐ 55-late 60’s, Widow of the former mayor. Grand Dame. Elegant, sophisticated, a true beauty.
Shelby Eatenton‐Latcherie
Early 20s, Prettiest girl in town. Loves pink. Strong willed, passionate.
M'Lynn Eatenton‐ 40-50’s, Shelby's mother. Always knows what’s best, strong, stubborn, the heart of the piece.
Ouiser (pronounced Weezer) Boudreaux‐ 55 to late 60’s, Wealthy curmudgeon. Tough, Eccentric character.

Auditions for Steel Magnolias are to be held at Lee Street theatre at 329 N Lee Street, Salisbury, NC 28144 July 1 & 2 from 7pm to 9pm. Please be prepared to read from the script and work as a group.

Performances will be August 23-25 & August 30-September 1 at 7: